The Best Shooting Lacrosse Video – Fundamentals of Shooting with David Evans

 The Best Shooting Lacrosse Video – Fundamentals of Shooting with David Evans David Evans has quite the resume. Achieving All-American and All-Ivy recognition while playing for Brown University’s lacrosse team, has coached at over 100 clinics and camps, and has also coached 2 lacrosse high school varsity teams. While playing for the Boston Cannons has one of the fastest shots ever recorded – a staggering 109 miles an hour. David believes that anyone can become an excellent lacrosse player. It only comes down to two things – a love for the game and the fundamentals. While David can’t instill passion in a lacrosse player (although watching his lacrosse videos might be able to inspire a player), he can certainly help a player learn a few things, including the fundamentals and the mechanics of the game, the correct footwork, and the many different shooting styles.

David Evan’s lacrosse video, The Fundamentals of Shooting, will undoubtedly help a player to improve their shooting skills and will give a player the satisfaction of being able to “shoot the rock.”

College coaches are on the look out for players who can shoot the ball well, and who can also spread the defense, which requiresa player having range on their shot. David Evans’ video is an invaluable resource in helping payers to achieve this as well as helping players to learn how to shoot a ball with velocity, accuracy, and consistency every time they take a shot.


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